Custom Vehicle Wraps

Acme/Lingo Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle WrapsVehicle wraps are an extremely cost effective form of advertising. With THOUSANDS of impressions a day, your vehicle can become the most valuable asset in your advertising program. Whether sitting in a parking lot or driving to your next job, your vehicle wrap is constantly being seen by potential customers everywhere!
Acme/Lingo designs, prints and applies custom vehicle wraps to all types of vehicles. Wrap installations are done year round inside our 60’ x 70’ heated shop located in Southampton, NJ. This assures that the proper conditions for applying vinyl are maintained throughout the installation process and weather delays are non existent. Vehicle Wraps

Benefits to an Acme/Lingo vehicle wrap:

  • Cost effective – vehicle wraps never stop working. 24/7 your vehicle wrap is being looked at by tens of thousands of potential customers.  Unlike television, radio, billboards, phone book and newspaper ads there are no monthly payments. Once you pay for your vehicle wrap, it continues to work, free of monthly charge.
  • Vehicle WrapsHighly Visible – how do you stand out in a crowd? If you want your company to get noticed, then wrap your vehicle with a custom Acme/Lingo vehicle wrap. We use photos, text and full color graphics to make your vehicles stand out at the traffic light or on the highway.  Everywhere your vehicles go, whether they are on a job, delivery or just sitting in a parking lot, our eye-catching wraps will get you noticed! Your advertising message will be delivered to TENS OF THOUSANDS of potential customers for just a few dollars a day.
  • Durable – we use only the highest quality vinyl and laminate making your wrap durable and long lasting.  With proper care our wraps can last up to 5 years!


Wrap Design

Vehicle WrapsAcme/Lingo can print your completed art file or design a wrap for you from scratch.  If you need a design, please contact us to set up a consultation.  We will review your ideas and design a wrap that will convey your message in the most powerful and effective way.

If you are ready to convert your vehicle or fleet of vehicles into a 24/7 advertising weapon; please visit our vehicle wrap website at Call us today at 800-260-1897 or email for more information.


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